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British monarchy called "Throne of blood" for profiting from slavery.
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Establishment Protected State Cleric Who Abused
3 February 2020 Grey line

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The fool who reigns over us

Charlie Windsor

Our head of state: Admiral of the Fleet, Marshall of the Royal Air Force, Field Marshall, onetime Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cornwall etc. etc.

Little earned. An abundance taken.

> Our file on Charlie Windsor, the man who thinks it is his right to be our head of state

> Republic's film on Charlie Windsor, "The Man Who Shouldn't Be King"

> Charlie's favourite priest

> Elizabeth Windsor's life of feudal privilege

The rights of the people have nowhere to stand

We allow a family to decide who should be head of state and to loot multi-millions from the people every year.

So why complain that other families are allowed to own seats in the legislature? And when some own a seat, what can you say about other legislators who are appointed for life, maybe because they made a generous donation to one of the political parties?

Calling them "my lady" or "my lord" may be demeaning but it's just icing on the cake of real privilege.

And a state church, also with its own seats in Parliament, is at least useful if you enjoy being lectured on your moral failings by those who turn a blind eye to their own.

They all turn blind eyes to the Parliamentary Oaths Act, which excludes republicans from their legislature.

That is the United Kingdom 350 years on from when we first freed ourselves from monarch and lordly legislators.

It's been a long time coming. But we can do it again and more. We can make this nation one that is democratic in its spirit and in its institutions.

A British republic.

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