Police Spending For Feudal Celebration

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The cost of policing the coronation of Charlie Windsor was around £150m. Most of this burden was carried by the police of the capital city.

But research by Republic has given insights into how police forces and taxpayers outside London suffered from the celebration of feudal privilege.

The spending by the Met included £6,389 taken from its community policing budget to buy coronation wristbands!

£1m of taxpayers money was wasted by just 11 British police forces that responded to requests for information, taking police away from the protection of local people to look after an elite.

One force, Suffolk’s, spent £215,342 to send officers to the capital to support the Met.

And the Essex police force spent £43,000 on sending officers to London, with £76,946 spent in all coronation related activities. Devon and Cornwall police took 49 officers away from policing locally at a cost of £159,923.

The amounts spent by the other forces are unknown.