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  • The Day It Became Illegal To Own a Rape Alarm

    The Policing Of A Coronation In the early hours of the day that British monarchists were to crown Charlie Windsor as their new king, the police force that has a reputation for harbouring rapists in its ranks seemingly made possession of a rape alarm illegal. Met police arrested a group of Westminster’s night safety volunteers […]

  • Sunak and Lords Plot Against Democratic Legislature

    According to a report in the Sunday Times prime minister Sunak has been plotting with members of the House of Lords to frustrate Labour Party plans to replace that chamber of parliament with a democratic alternative. The newspaper said that Sunak has had two meetings about this with legislators-for-life. More are planned. Sunak’s plan is […]

  • Cash for honours case – no action

    In 2021 a Sunday Times report claimed that a CBE awarded by Charles Windsor, then the first in line to be Britain’s head of state on the death of his mother, seemed to have been paid for by a donation to a Windsor foundation. The CBE was given to Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, Such […]

  • Elizabeth Windsor: A Life of Feudal Privilege

    Elizabeth Windsor has died, ending a life in which feudal privilege was of the essence and in which democratic decencies counted for nothing. Ms Windsor had the official title of “Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms […]

  • British Judges Help Windsors Hide Wealth

    In 2022 the Guardian reported that “royal” family members have for a hundred years been helped by judges to hide from the British people £187m of assets. The law usually requires that wills be published. But Windsor family wills have been sealed to keep the truth about the family’s wealth from the people of the […]

  • Above The Law, Beyond Control

    The Guardian newspaper has revealed that British citizens cannot take racial or sex discrimination cases against the hereditary head of state. The police cannot enter his properties, including his commercial premises, to investigate crime without his permission. He is exempt from laws on the rights of workers, pensions and heath and safety at work. Windsor […]

  • Windsor Booing Brings Establishment Kowtowing

    A member of Britain’s “royal” Windsor family has been booed at a soccer match, challenging the monarchist fiction that opposition to monarchy should be unthinkable. William Windsor, who is known as “Prince William” and “Duke of Cambridge”, is the 39-year-old son of Charles Windsor, who is in line to become the country’s unelected head of […]

  • Queen Windsor Used One Privilege To Protect Another In 1970s Hoodwinking

    Queen Windsor once used an extraordinary provision in the unwritten constitution to keep her extraordinary wealth secret, according to a report in the Guardian. The newspaper reported that records in the National Archives show that in the 1970s Windsor sent her lawyers to put pressure on ministers to change a proposed law that would embarrass […]

  • They’re Pulling A Fast One – Windsors May Take Billions of Public Money

    The Windsor clan stand to take an extra £2 billion from the British people over the next tens years if they are not stopped. This windfall would be the result of an auction of sites on the British seabed for wind farms that is expected to generate £9bn of income for the Crown Estate over […]

  • British Establishment Closed Ranks to Protect Abuser

    A BBC TV report, Exposed: The Church’s Darkest Secret, about sexual abuse by a state church bishop has revealed how far the British “establishment” will go to defend its own and betray their victims.. The report was about Peter Ball, a Church of England bishop, and one-time monk. Ball was friends with prime minister Margaret […]