Royal Wills – National Archives Cover Up

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The Guardian has reported that the National Archives has put protection of royal privilege before its duty to the British people. The newspaper found that the Archives had doctored records to conceal documents that show that former head of state Elizabeth Windsor asked for details of a relative’s wealth to be hidden from the British people.

According to the newspaper the documents were withdrawn from public access, parts were removed, and then the doctored record was restored to the public domain.

The information that was suppressed was “a request from the late queen to keep secret the will of one of her relatives” said the newspaper.

Although the wills of British citizens are generally made available for inspection those of members of the royal family have been kept secret for over 100 years.

The purpose of this cover-up has been to prevent citizens from finding out what family members have bequeathed and to whom. And to keep citizens in the dark about how much wealth the family has accumulated from its legalised looting of public funds.

High Court judges have collaborated with the Windsor family by issuing orders in secret hearings to keep the wills from public view.