Only 48% Give Support To Monarchy

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An opinion poll by Savanta on behalf of the UK’s leading republican organisation, Republic, has shown only 48% favour monarchy over an elected head of state.

This is a fall from November 2023 when 52% preferred the monarchy, a drop of 4 points in six weeks.

In all age groups under 55 years fewer than 50% of those polled preferred monarchy to a democratic head of state.

The poll showed that 34% supported an elected head of state with a high percentage of “don’t knows”.

Savanta interviewed 2,281 UK adults aged 18+ online between 5-8 January 2024. Data were weighted to be representative of the UK by age, sex, region, and “social grade”. 

The results of the poll seem to confirm that support for republicanism is no longer limited by the false monarchist notion that it is an extreme and unpatriotic point of view.