Royals for Hire

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Windsor Family on Chinese Payroll

The British news media have reported that members of the “royal” Windsor family have been on the payroll of a Hong Kong entrepreneur.

Sarah Ferguson, known as the “Duchess of York”, has been paid £375,000 by Dr Johnny Hon. Her job was to “introduce a few people to me in Hong Kong” according to the entrepreneur.

Another family member, Zara Tindall, granddaughter of queen Windsor, took £100,000 for acting as a non-executive director. Her job was to advise on horse racing. She took part in two board meetings a year by telephone.

Ms Tindall seemed to have forgotten about her onerous job. Her lawyers told the Daily Mail that she was not working for Dr Hon. When the newspaper provided documentary evidence they accepted its claim.

Ms Tindall’s brother is employed to act as a figurehead for a horse racing club that he and Dr Hon have opened.

Dr Hon is reported to have said that he employed the Windsor family members “because of what they can do for individual projects”.