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A World of Republicans

Republican government might be considered a human right in the United States but Britain is not the only country burdened with the feudal institution. British colonialism carried the disease to much of the world. Australia and Canada still recognise Windsor as their head of state even though they are now independent of the UK. But of the 52 countries in the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth), 32 are republics. India and South Africa are prominent amongst them. Ireland and the United States fought wars to be free of the British monarchy.

Elsewhere republicans must still organise to be free.

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Thailand: Monarchists Want the Obedience of Dogs

Like the UK, Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. And citizens who do not act as well-behaved dogs are jailed on the charge of lèse-majesté, insulting the king.

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Flag of Canada

A republican hero

Canadian Ed Press was sacked and harassed for being a republican. He is married to Bessie who is barred from Canadian citizenship for the same reason.

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Tasmanian Blow Against Discrimination

Discrimination against republicans ruled illegal in Tasmania.

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Against the Monarchy But Not Ready for a Republic

In 1999 75% of Australians seemed ready to dump the feudal institution. But in a referendum they voted not to change their constitution.

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The USA and the UK

The United States was the first nation to free itself from British rule and establish a republic. Does antipathy towards the USA bolster British resistance to democractic change?

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Bring Home the Revolution

"Thus, it is no accident that American products and modes have made the least profound impact on the country in which upper-and lower-class manners have survived most markedly, the United Kingdom."
Larry Siedentop, Democracy In Europe

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The flag of Ireland

The President of Ireland and the Queen of the Kingdom

Britain and Ireland seek reconciliation. But do a monarchy and a republic deserve equal esteem? And does "royalty" have a place when republicans remember those who gave their lives for their republic?

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