The File on Charlie

A Prince But Not a Star
Educating Charlie
Pocketing It Like an Oligarch
Living Like a Prince
A Highness in Low Places
A Prince of Dubious Deals
In the Post
Knows What He Dislikes
Doctor Windsor
A Man of Religions
Windsor at Work

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Charlie Is No Darling

The File on Charlie Windsor

Charles Windsor is a man who would like to put the “king” back into the queendom that is Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That is to say that although he is now a duke twice over and a prince, he would like to be “king” of the UK.

Unfortunately for him he has to wait for his mother to die or abdicate before he can have the job he longs for.

Unfortunately for the people, we will have no say about whether he should represent our country when his mum does go.

Charlie Windsor with a smirk on his face
Prince Charming

And although he may be another Windsor he will not be the same as the old Windsor. Charlie has a history and an attitude that his mother did not have when she took the top job in the family racket. He does not share his mum's reticence and likes to have his own way much more than she does.

This may make monarchists as anxious as the republicans they despise.

Read on to find out more about the man who one day is likely to be imposed on us as our head of state. And if you have more information for our file please email it to, giving your sources if possible.

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