British Judges Help Windsors Hide Wealth

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In 2022 the Guardian reported that “royal” family members have for a hundred years been helped by judges to hide from the British people £187m of assets.

The law usually requires that wills be published. But Windsor family wills have been sealed to keep the truth about the family’s wealth from the people of the UK.

This has been made possible by orders issued by high court judges in secret hearings. The judges have also ruled that the reasons for their decisions should not be published.

In 2021 a high court judge did for once publish his reasons for keeping the Windsor wealth secret. It was, he wrote, “to protect the dignity and standing of the public role of the sovereign (Liz Windsor) and other close members of her family”.

This has the appearance of flagrant monarchist bias in order to prevent any undermining of the feudal institution..

Since 1911 judges have made these rulings in secret.

In 2022 the Guardian challenged the exclusion of the news media from a hearing about the will of Philip Windsor, deceased husband of the hereditary head of state. The attorney general, instead of defending open justice, opposed the newspaper’s application

These actions by judges and the government are typical of the ways in which the monarchist establishment protects the feudal institution from democratic accountability fearful that the truth will undermine the unwarranted privilege at the heart of British society.

The Guardian reported that 33 wills written over more than 100 years had been kept secret in this way. The newspaper found out the total value of the assets from public registers and declassified government records.

The Guardian report –