Shameless Windsor Couple’s £2.4m Pick Pocketing Revealed

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The people of Britain have had to pay a £2.4m bill for the renovation of a “cottage” for Meghan and Henry “Harry” Windsor.

The average price of a house in the UK is £229,000. The public money spent on the shameless Windsors’ house would have bought an MRI scanner for the NHS with some change.

Another £750,000 of taxpayers money will be spent on security at the house.

The British people are forced to keep the couple in luxury because Mr Windsor will be entitled to become Britain’s hereditary head of state if five other members of his family die before him!

In the Sunday Times “royal author” Penny Junor was quoted as suggesting that a “good quid pro quo” for the taxpayers financing of the luxury home would be for the couple to show off their son at his christening! She described this as a “crumb” for their supporters.

Meanwhile The Prince’s Foundation, a charity set up by Charlie Windsor, grandfather of the child, published a report on housing with a foreword by Mr Windsor. The report expressed a preference for terraced rather than detached houses as a means of creating a community. Needless to say, Mr Windsor Snr. does not, has not and will not live in a terraced house.

Ireland, a republic, provides no extra accommodation for children of its president.