Epstein Scandal: Church Chief Defends Windsors

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According to the Big Issue magazine state church chief Justin Welby has “appeared to defend the Duke of York over the Epstein scandal . . . saying that ‘I think to ask that they be superhuman saints is not what we should do because nobody is like that’ “.

Mr Welby refused to name a particular Windsor but when asked about the Windsor/Epstein scandal said “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody is human”.

Mr Welby also made clear his support for the extraordinary privileges granted to Andrew Windsor’s family saying that he was “astonished at what a gift (they) are to this country”. This was not surprising from a man whose state church also benefits from feudal privilege.

In 2017 the Anglican cleric apologised unreservedly for the beating of boys by a former colleague at a Christian summer camp. The abuse had been unreported for thirty years.