Free Speech Suppressed In Scotland To Protect Monarchy

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Free Speech Suppressed In Scotland To Protect Monarchy

An advertising company has told the Scottish Alba party that it will not allow it to hire billboards for a pro-democracy message, according to the STV channel.

The billboard company said that an advertisement calling for a democratic head of state for Scotland could cause offence.

The billboards would have called for an independent Scottish republic. The advertisement depicted Britain’s heredity head of state in a red circle with a red diagonal line across his face as in traffic sign prohibitions.

The advertisement company also rejected an advert in which the face of the head of state was replaced by a crown. This was apparently “due to being a direct reference to the royals”.

Some years ago the Electoral Commission refused to register the “Monarchy Is Racist” party. The Commission said at that time that “in our view the proposed name could cause offence to voters”, despite the statement in the name being demonstrably true.

The rejection of Alba’s advertisements shows again that the monarchist British establishment will when it can put feudal privilege before democratic rights.