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The Republicans

Republican Disenfranchisement

A Letter to the Speaker

"Dear Mr Speaker,

"A general election is likely in the near future and I am considering whether to stand for election to parliament. However, it would be futile to do so if I were not to be allowed to take my seat if elected.

"The hereditary principle in public office is repugnant to me. I believe I should not and certainly would not swear allegiance to an individual who had inherited office, nor to a family. As you know, these strong beliefs are shared with many millions of people in other democratic nations. In the United States they would be considered entirely orthodox.

"However, I fear that I would be barred from your House if I would not swear allegiance to the Windsor family. I understand that Sinn Feinn MPs have in the past been prevented from taking their seats for that reason.

"I am writing to you therefore to ask whether as Speaker you are able to offer me a reassurance that if elected as a Member of Parliament I would be permitted to take my seat without making any declaration of loyalty to a member of the Windsor family or to that family as a whole."

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