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The Monarchy

Windsor Clan Brings New Shame on Britain
People Pay for Champagne for Bloody Feudal Friend

Elizabeth Windsor has invited what the The Mail on Sunday has called a "bloody" ruler to lunch to celebrate her sixtieth year as Britain's hereditary head of state. And the British people will be paying for the champagne for a ruler whose regime has used deadly force to stop the advance of democracy.

The newspaper's headline read "Queen invites ruler of Bahrain's bloody regime to her Jubilee lunch at Windsor Castle because 'it's very rude to leave anyone off the list' ".

Windsor's follow feudal ruler is Sheikh Hamad Isa Khalifa. His regime is accused of killing and torturing civilians during last year's pro-democracy demonstrations. It had killed more than 50 civilians and arrested thousands, said the newspaper.

Bahrain democracy movement poster
Bahrain democracy movement poster

He has been invited to lunch with Windsor to help her celebrate the sixtieth year in which she has benefited from the feudal privilege of being head of state and from many millions of pounds of the people's money. The Mail noted that although Windsor's son Charles would not be at the lunch, he had invited the ruler to a "champagne dinner".

Although there was no official Windsor clan comment, "a palace source" told the newspaper that "it would have been very rude to have left anyone off the (lunch) list and the Queen would never want to offend anyone". It must be assumed that Windsor does not include the citizens of Bahrain in her understanding of the word "anyone".

The Mail on Sunday's source also revealed that Charles Windsor "is sparing no expense on the meal (in the evening after the lunch), 'which will be organic, and the champagne, which will flow all night' ". Windsor is throwing the party to thank his mother. He has every reason to do so. Were he not her son he would not have the extraordinary multi-million pound annual income provided by the people of Britain with which to buy the champagne.

Let's celebrate the jubilee scam

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