The House of Lords

A Roll of Dishonour

The first fifteen of the new-style legislators-for-life, appointed to rule over us in the "reformed" House of Lords.

"Sir" Herman Ouseley. Former local government chief executive and head of race equality commission.

"Sir" John Browne. Chief Executive of British Petroleum.

"Sir" Paul Condon. Formerly London's police chief.

"Sir" David Hannay. Former senior diplomat.

"Sir" Robert May. President of the Royal Society.

"Sir" Claus Moser. Director of NM Rothschild & Sons. Former professor.

"Sir" Stewart Sutherland. Former chairperson of royal commission, chief schools inspector and university head.

"Lady" Howe. Quango queen.

Victor Adebowale. Charity chief executive

Valerie Howarth. Charity chief executive.

Richard Best. Charity director.

Professor Michael Chan.

Professor Ilora Finlay

Professor Susan Greenfield.

Amir Bhatia. Entrepreneur.

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