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Windsor Worship
Coronation Censorship

The coronation of Charlie Windsor gave the BBC another chance to show its subservience, this time by allowing the Windsors to veto coverange they did not like, according to a report in the Guardian.

The monarchist media organisation submitted material to the Windsors for approval before broadcast. When the Windsors did not approve the material was not used. Windsor used the veto power given by the BBC to stop it filming his anointment by the head of the state church.

According to the newspaper "The BBC's coronation coverage is being run by Claire Popplewell, who oversees royal events for the corporation". Ms Popplewell was made a commander of the Royal Victorian Order by Windsor in "recognition of her work producing the BBC's coverage of his mother's platinum jubilee". This title is given personally by the hereditary head of state to those who have served the monarch.

In the past the corporation allowed the Windsor clan to stop it using parts of film of a memorial service for Windsor's mother.

Long-time BBC broadcaster David Dimbleby was reported to have told a literary festival audience that "There was this complete list of things (at the BBC) that no broadcaster could show because the copyright belongs to Buckingham Palace. I think that's wrong, just wrong. It's just interesting how tightly controlled monarchy is."

According to Dimbleby subjects such as the Windsors' tax affairs are "never touched by the BBC because I think they feel their viewers will not like it".

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