News from the Centre for Citizenship

  • £216,000 Wasted On Signs for Charlie Windsor

    Highways England has spent £216,513 on behalf of the Wales Office for new signs for a bridge renamed to honour Charlie Windsor according to Wales Online. Mr Windsor will become head of state when his mother dies. The bridge that links Wales to England was renamed for Mr Windsor in 2018. At the time Leanne […]

  • No Curtsey For Windsor From Scotland’s First Minister

    Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister in Scotland, has shown a self-respect and respect for democratic niceties that is unusual with British politicians. She has refused to curtsey to Liz Windsor, the hereditary head of state. Instead Ms Sturgeon, who has a democratic legitimacy that Windsor lacks, shook Widsor’s hand when visiting her at Holyrood Palace, Windsor’s […]

  • Windsors’ Looting of Public Assets Reaches New High

    The profits of the Crown Estate, a vast public property holding, increased to £343.5m in 2018. Its assets totalled £14.3bn. But instead of benefiting taxpayers much of the income was squandered on the super-rich Windsor family. A quarter of the Estate’s annual profits are given to the Windsors. This happens regardless of the state of […]

  • Shameless Windsor Couple’s £2.4m Pick Pocketing Revealed

    The people of Britain have had to pay a £2.4m bill for the renovation of a “cottage” for Meghan and Henry “Harry” Windsor. The average price of a house in the UK is £229,000. The public money spent on the shameless Windsors’ house would have bought an MRI scanner for the NHS with some change. […]

  • Shameless Hereditary Legislators Sabotage Reform of Parliament

    Hereditary legislators sitting in the House of Lords have sabotaged a second attempt to pass a bill that would have ended their right to elect a new legislator when one dies or retires. The bill had been introduced by Bruce Grocott, another unelected legislator. A previous attempt at reform had been talked out by three […]

  • Windsor Russian Relations Revealed

    British newspapers have revealed links between the family of Britain’s hereditary head of state and Russia. Colonel Christopher Mackenzie-Beevor, is a “courtier” who is the top permanent officer of queen Windsor’s ceremonial bodyguard and a commander of the British empire. According to the Sunday Times he spoke in March at a dinner to inaugurate the […]

  • Thais May Be Forbidden To Oppose Monarchy

    In Thailand it now seems that any opposition to the monarchy is unacceptable. That country’s electoral commission has petitioned the constitutional court asking that it shut down the Thai Save the Nation party on the grounds that it is “hostile to the constitutional monarchy”. This followed the party’s nomination for prime minister of the sister […]

  • British Monarchy Inflicts “National Humiliation” on Australia

    Australia has suffered a “national humiliation” according to Monash University professor Jenny Hocking. This is because of the continued cover-up of British queen Windsor’s involvement in the 1975 dismissal of the government of Gough Whitlam by former governor-general John Kerr. The governor-general is the representative of the queen in Australia, Professor Hocking has led the […]

  • State Again Hides Truth of Windsor Greed

    In 1995 queen Elizabeh Windsor let the government know discreetly that she would “very much” like citizens to buy her a new ocean-going yacht to replace Britannia, which was going out of service. But her aides did not want those citizens to know that Windsor was lobbying for the new boat. And at that time […]

  • Windsor Approves Laws for Others – But Impunity for Windsors

    Queen Windsor and her husband have both been photographed while driving on public roads without wearing a seat belt. Although this is against the law neither has been ticketed. The revelation about Philip Windsor followed a crash involving a car he was driving. Two adults and a baby were in the other car and were […]