News from the Centre for Citizenship

  • Epstein Scandal: Church Chief Defends Windsors

    According to the Big Issue magazine state church chief Justin Welby has “appeared to defend the Duke of York over the Epstein scandal . . . saying that ‘I think to ask that they be superhuman saints is not what we should do because nobody is like that’ “. Mr Welby refused to name a […]

  • Queen Windsor Asked To Take Sides on Independence for Scotland

    The supposed non-partisan role of Britain’s feudal head of state has again been put in doubt, this time by an admission by former prime minister David Cameron that he asked her to express opposition to independence for Scotland before the 2014 referendum. Subsequently Windsor asked Scots to “think very carefully about the future” before voting. […]

  • More wind farms – more money for Windsor clan

    The Crown Estate is about to start a new auction for the right to develop offshore wind farms in the waters around England and Wales, according to the Financial Times. Twenty-five percent of the Estate’s profits from this action will be paid to the Windsor family. The Crown Estate will receive whatever amount the successful […]

  • Queen Windsor Follows Orders

    Queen Windsor is literally on the payroll of the executive branch of our government. Two of the three individuals who decide how much of the Crown Estate should be paid to her family are the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer (the other is her chief financial officer!) Windsor showed her loyalty to […]

  • Nineteen New Legislators Imposed On British

    Britain has 19 new legislators. None were chosen by the people of the UK. All were effectively appointed by Theresa May, the former prime minister. By resigning as PM she gained the right to nominate even more legislators-for-life. These appointments bring the number of unelected legislators to over 800

  • Royals for Hire

    Windsor Family on Chinese Payroll The British news media have reported that members of the “royal” Windsor family have been on the payroll of a Hong Kong entrepreneur. Sarah Ferguson, known as the “Duchess of York”, has been paid £375,000 by Dr Johnny Hon. Her job was to “introduce a few people to me in […]

  • Rights of Republicans Recognised in Northern Ireland

    British monarchists have kicked up a fuss in reaction to an unusual recognition that republicans should have the same rights as monarchists. Pictures of Elizabeth Windsor, the UK’s hereditary head of state, have been removed from the Stormont building in Belfast because of the offence that such a partisan display can cause to republicans who […]

  • House of Lords A Feudal State

    Enquiry Finds Sexual Harassment, Sense of Superiority, Drunkenness A report into the behaviour of the hereditary lords, unelected legislators and bishops who sit in Britain’s legislature has revealed a contempt for staff that rivals the legislators’ contempt for democracy. The enquiry into relations between staff and legislators in the House of Lords was carried out […]

  • £216,000 Wasted On Signs for Charlie Windsor

    Highways England has spent £216,513 on behalf of the Wales Office for new signs for a bridge renamed to honour Charlie Windsor according to Wales Online. Mr Windsor will become head of state when his mother dies. The bridge that links Wales to England was renamed for Mr Windsor in 2018. At the time Leanne […]

  • No Curtsey For Windsor From Scotland’s First Minister

    Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister in Scotland, has shown a self-respect and respect for democratic niceties that is unusual with British politicians. She has refused to curtsey to Liz Windsor, the hereditary head of state. Instead Ms Sturgeon, who has a democratic legitimacy that Windsor lacks, shook Widsor’s hand when visiting her at Holyrood Palace, Windsor’s […]