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  • British Monarchy Inflicts “National Humiliation” on Australia

    Australia has suffered a “national humiliation” according to Monash University professor Jenny Hocking. This is because of the continued cover-up of British queen Windsor’s involvement in the 1975 dismissal of the government of Gough Whitlam by former governor-general John Kerr. The governor-general is the representative of the queen in Australia, Professor Hocking has led the […]

  • State Again Hides Truth of Windsor Greed

    In 1995 queen Elizabeh Windsor let the government know discreetly that she would “very much” like citizens to buy her a new ocean-going yacht to replace Britannia, which was going out of service. But her aides did not want those citizens to know that Windsor was lobbying for the new boat. And at that time […]

  • Windsor Approves Laws for Others – But Impunity for Windsors

    Queen Windsor and her husband have both been photographed while driving on public roads without wearing a seat belt. Although this is against the law neither has been ticketed. The revelation about Philip Windsor followed a crash involving a car he was driving. Two adults and a baby were in the other car and were […]

  • Feudal Status Won Millions of Taxpayers’ Money for Charlie Charity – No 10 Said Windsor Must Not Be Rebuffed

    One of Charlie Windsor’s charities could have received up to £40m from taxpayers instead of the £6m intended because government ministers in 1988 were afraid of the embarrassment from their mistake, according to papers released by the National Archives. The then Employment Secretary thought he had agreed to give £6m of taxpayers’ money to the […]

  • Greedy Windsor Yearned for Yacht – Taxpayers Would Pay

    Queen Windsor, who is idolised by monarchists as a model of selfless duty, has been shown up as a greedy money grabber. A note found in the National Archives by Philip Murphy of the University of London shows that she has yearned for a personal yacht provided at the expense of British taxpayers. The likely […]

  • Monarchist Civil Servant Shielded Tax-Exempt Windsor – Thought The People To Be Subjects

    A civil servant persuaded former Prime Minister John Major not to refer to “the priceless contribution” of queen Windsor to “the life of our nation”. He thought that the word “priceless” might seem to be a reference to Windsor’s exemption from tax on her huge unearned wealth. This happened in 1992, the fortieth anniversary of […]

  • Podemos Call For Spanish Republic

    Podemos General Secretary Pablo Iglesias has called for the Spanish people to free their country from monarchy. Podemos is the second largest political party in Spain. Mr Iglesias made his call for a republic in El País, the second most read newspaper in that country. In his opinion piece Iglesias comments that many who reisted […]

  • A Dad’s Army Head of State

    A new book by journalist Ben Macintyre, The Spy and the Traitor, has revealed unexpected risks to national security posed by the British monarchy. Macintyre tells how a plan to rescue a British agent from danger in Russia was put at risk because of a domestic problem in queen Windsor’s Scottish castle. Charles Powell, an […]

  • State Church To Leech Off The Taxpayer

    The state church is to continue to own shares in Amazon even though its chief bishop has accused the company of “leeching off the taxpayer”. Justin Welby made the statement in a speech to the Trades Union Congress. However, an official Church of England statement said that it would be keeping its shares. According to […]

  • Gallivanting Windsors Up Their Travel Take

    In the 2017-18 year £4.7m of our money was spent on gallivanting by Windsor family members. This was a £200,000 increase on the previous year. Charlie Windsor cost us the most. He made 7 trips on the railway train provided exclusively for his family’s use at a cost of £20,000 a journey. On an overseas […]