Windsor Approves Laws for Others – But Impunity for Windsors

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Queen Windsor and her husband have both been photographed while driving on public roads without wearing a seat belt.

Although this is against the law neither has been ticketed.

The revelation about Philip Windsor followed a crash involving a car he was driving. Two adults and a baby were in the other car and were taken to hospital for treatment.

As usual the police took no action against the Windsor husband. One of the citizens who has a broken wrist as a result of the crash complained that four days after the crash the police had not taken a statement from her.

The Daily Telegraph reported her as saying “When I contacted the (police) Family Liaison Officer to say I have a number of questions, he hasn’t been prepared to listen to those. There needs to be a decision as to whether Prince Philip and I are from the same walk of life or not, and we either receive the same treatment or we don’t”.

According to the Daily Mail, a monarchist newspaper, Ms Windsor is not required to have a driving licence and is immune from prosecution and from civil legal action.

Two years ago Andrew Windsor deliberately drove his car into gates at Windsor. The police, who swear allegiance to the Windsor family, refused to investigate.

In the latest incident the BBC headline was “Prince Philip unhurt in crash while driving”. The injured citizens were of minor concern to the state-sponsored news media giant. It’s royal correspondent wrote that the good news was “that the Duke escaped unscathed” He expressed no sympathy for the three who were not “unscathed”.

The agreement of queen Windsor, known as the “royal assent”, would have been required for the law governing seat belts to come into force. But it seems that it does not apply to her family.