Gallivanting Windsors Up Their Travel Take

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In the 2017-18 year £4.7m of our money was spent on gallivanting by Windsor family members. This was a £200,000 increase on the previous year.

Charlie Windsor cost us the most. He made 7 trips on the railway train provided exclusively for his family’s use at a cost of £20,000 a journey. On an overseas trip, this time to India, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, Charlie rang up a travel bill totalling £362,000.

Even European travel was costly for taxpayers. A tour of Italy, the Vatican City and Austria cost us £154,000.

Although you can fly to Ireland in not much more than an hour Charlie and his wife spent £42,960 on flights across the Irish Sea.

His son William, it seems, has learnt well from his sponging dad. His reimbursement for a trip to Paris with wife Kate was £20,300. They flew by private jet.

The monarchy’s message to the people who pay their bills? Let them walk!