Windsor Family Travel – Taking the British People for a Ride

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The Windsor family spent £4.7m on travel in the 2017-18 financial year. Out of that total £1m was spent by Charlie Windsor.

Mr Windsor is due to become head of state when his mother dies

One trip for Windsor and his wife to India, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei cost £362,000 for the charter of an aircraft.

A flight from Scotland to London cost taxpayers £15,385.

For travel to a Passchendale centenary commemoration Charlie spent £30,414. His son William Windsor flow separately at the cost of £18,170

Even when travelling by train the Windsors show no restraint. An average trip on the special train provided for the Windsors costs £20,000.

Charlie took £4.8m from the Duchy of Cornwall last year, as well as £1.2m from the “sovereign grant”. The duchy is a portfolio of public assets from which Windsor is given the profits.