Minority Celebrate Windsor Wedding – Most Against Tax Spending

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According to a YouGov poll for Republic most British people are not interested in the wedding of Henry Windsor. But they do believe that the Windsor clan should pay all the costs of the spectacle including the enormous security bill.

Only 24% of those polled wanted their taxes spent on the wedding.

It seems that most citizens will be going about their lives as usual on the wedding day, rather than watching the wedding circus.

Sixty percent said they “liked” queen Windsor but only a third liked the hereditary head of state “a great deal”. Only 37% wanted her son Charlie to follow her as head of state.

Twenty four per cent would not mind if the monarchy ended when queen Windsor dies. But a third would be “very disappointed” at the loss of the feudal institution.

Republic’s Graham Smith said “We’re constantly being told that the nation loves the Queen and the Royal Family – clearly that’s not true”.
“We’re told this weekend’s wedding is a national celebration.  Clearly that’s not true”.
“And we’re told the monarchy’s future is secure.  This poll suggests that is in doubt”.