Charlie Windsor Thinks All Mancunians Are White – Insults British Writer

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Charlie Windsor confirmed his unfitness to hold public office this week when he told Anita Sethi “Well, you don’t look like it!” when she told him that she was from Manchester.

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Charlie Windsor

This seemed to be a reference to Ms Sethi’s ethnicity. The 2011 census showed that 17.1% of the population of Manchester city was of Asian origin.

After the affront Ms Sethi said that it was “shocking” that Mr Windsor thought she “did not look as if I was from a city in the UK”.

Windsor is due to become the UK’s hereditary head of state on the death of this mother. She has also suggested that he replace her as titular head of the British commonwealth.

The super-rich Windsor has lived in a cocoon of pampered privilege that has left him ignorant of the realities of his country and its people, and indifferent to the effects of this comments.

Whether his comment to Ms Sethi was racist or just ignorant it provided confirmation that hereditary succession is no way for a country to appoint heads of state. Nor is it a good way of finding a fitting person to lead the British commonwealth.