May Sabotages Lords Reform

Loads Dice in Favour of Conservatives

Proposals for the reform of the second chamber of parliament, composed of “lords” and bishops, have been threatened with sabotage shortly after being announced.

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Head of State Church Sitting in House of Lords

In November of 2017 a committee of lordly legislators recommended a large reduction in the number of unaccountable legislators and the introduction of 15-year terms.

The reduction is size was to be achieved by replacing every two retiring legislators with one new one.

This limited reform has now been put under threat, according to news media reports, by a plan by prime minister May to appoint 12 new legislators in order to shift the political balance in favour of her Conservative Party.

Three of the new legislators would be Labour Party members. But the majority would former Conservative legislators from the House of Commons.

May’s expects that this will make it easier to enact new laws related to the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. According to a Financial Times report some commentators also suspect that this loading of the dice is intended to strengthen her party prior to the expected reform the chamber.