Under Half Have Positive Opinion of Britain’s Next Head of State – But They Will Have No Choice

A Yougov opinion poll shows falling support for Charlie Windsor and his wife Camilla. Charlie is due to become head of state when his mother dies or resigns as queen.

Only 47% had a positive opinion of Charlie, two points below Meghan Markle, the bride to be of his son Henry. 43% of those who took part in the poll had a negative opinion of Charlie.

Henry Windsor is known to monarchists as “Prince Harry”.

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Britain’s unpopular next head of state and wife

Positive opinions of Windsor’s wife have gone down from 43% to 33% since 2013. Negative opinions about this woman were expressed by 52% of those who took part in the poll.

If they had a choice 56% would rather have Windsor’s son William as their head of state than his father. Only 13% preferred his father. But, of course, monarchy means that the people have no choice.

More than half (52%) of the people of Britain couldn’t care less about the planned marriage of Windsor’s other son Henry according to the poll.

Only 39% said they were “pleased” that the grandson of the hereditary head of state was getting wed.

These facts are in sharp contrast to the attention given to the marriage by most British newspapers.

Conservative voters, women and older people are those most likely to be interested in the marriage that monarchists hope will strengthen support for their feudal institution.

Sixty two percent of Scots expressed indifference towards the marriage. The same percentage of men and 59% of Labour Party supporters felt the same way.