Queen Windsor’s Tax Haven Investments

The so-called “Paradise Papers” have revealed that Britain’s feudal head of state has invested in funds based in the tax havens of Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

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The £10m in investment were small measured against the great wealth of the Windsors. However, one investment was in rent-to-own company Brighthouse. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation Brighthouse “has been accused of exploiting the poor”.

Another investment was in the Threshers off-licence business which, according to the same broadcaster “went bust owing £17.5m in tax and costing almost 6,000 people their jobs”

Windsor’s investments were in Dover Street VI Cayman Fund LP and Vision Capital Partners.

The investments were made by the Duchy of Lancaster. Many news media reports referred to this entity as a “private” estate belonging to Windsor. However, the duchy is in fact a public asset from which the feudal head of state is allowed to take the profits.