Country Worried About Government – Queen Windsor Worried About Day At The Races

While the country worried about the formation of a new government following the last general election the country’s head of state was worried about something else – horse racing.

Conservative Party leader Theresa May was trying to form an alliance with the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). But queen Windsor was worrying that the delay “disrupted plans for Royal Ascot” according to news media reports.

Royal Ascot is an annual horse racing and social event held just six miles from the Windsor family castle at Windsor.

Windsor was also “alarmed” because May said that she had formed a government.. Feudal protocol required that the Prime Ministers say that Windsor had “asked” her to form a government.

Windsor and her “courtiers” were also reported to be angry because there was a delay of 17 days between May telling her that she had formed an alliance with the DUP and the finalisation of that alliance.