BBC Made to Correct Pro-Monarchy Errors

Still Downplays Cost

The UK’s state-sponsored broadcaster has backed away from its claim that Elizabeth Windsor is the owner of the so-called Crown Estate. This followed a complaint from Republic, the UK’s biggest republican group.

Republic complained to the Corporation about a video that was supposed to give the facts about the cost of the monarchy to the British people following an 8% increase in the money given to the Windsors.

The BBC claimed that the cost of the feudal institution to each citizen amounts to only 65p a year. That the annual grant made to the Windsors is paid for by the Crown Estate. And that the Crown Estate is the property of Elizabeth Windsor, the feudal head of state.

Republic told the BBC that these claims were incorrect. The monarchy costs much more. The grant is paid by the Treasury although the amount is equivalent to 25% of Crown Estate profits. And that the Crown Estate is public property belonging to the nation.

As a result of Republic’s complaint the Corporation changed its video to make it clear that the Crown Estate is not the property of the Windsor clan and that its profits go to the Treasury. However, the Corporation still claims that the cost of the monarchy is only 65p per person.