Trump, a Queen, and a President

Michael D Higgins is a non-executive head of state chosen by the people of Ireland. Elizabeth Windsor is a non-executive head of state imposed on the people of the UK.

President Higgins worked hard to obtain distinction as a student and academic. He was elected to the Irish parliament and served in government before being elected as president.

The current presidential salary is £215,000 a year.

Queen Windsor has achieved nothing on merit. She has been a freeloader her entire adult life. She receives £16m a year just from the Duchy of Lancaster.

The responses of the two heads of state to the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the USA have differed.

Speaking to diplomats in Dublin, and without mentioning Trump, President Higgins warned that racism and xenophobia could “destroy democracy”. He added that demagoguery was “exploiting fears and ignorance in ways that could destroy democracy itself”. The president also warned of “an anti-intellectualism which is feeding populism among the most insecure and excluded”.

Queen Windsor has invited Trump to make a “state visit” to the UK. The American president will attend a “state banquet” at Buckingham Palace where queen Windsor will propose a toast to a president who has interfered in British politics and behaved disrespectfully towards a member of her own family.

At the end of this first term as president Michael Higgins will be able to serve for a maximum of seven more years. The people of Ireland will decide whether or not he has earned another term

Queen Windsor may serve as monarch for as long as she lives no matter what the people think.