Labour Contenders Offer Little Hope for Republic

In the Labour Party leadership contest neither socialist candidate has offered much comfort to republicans.

Owen Smith told a “hustings” that he wanted to keep the feudal institution. Jeremy Corbyn, who is believed to be a republican, stated that he “wouldn’t make (a referendum on the monarchy) a priority” in an election campaign.

Corbyn did say that he wanted “much greater democracy in Britain” and to replace the feudal House of Lords with “an elected upper chamber”.

It is unlikely that a referendum in the near future would show majority support for a republic. Before that happens it will be necessary for republicanism to become better established as a mainstream idea, with support across a wide political spectrum.

Support for a republic from Marxists is not helpful when it seems to give support to the monarchist claim that republicanism is dangerous and un-British.

This is particularly a problem with Mr Corbyn who has a record of support for or association with undemocratic and oppressive regimes.