Charlie’s Been At It Again

Foolish Feudalist Pokes Nose Where It Does Not Belong
Charlie Windsor, who is to inherit the position of UK head of state when his mother dies, has again used his feudal status to have his way on a public policy issue.

Windsor has written a number of letters to the head of the Environment Agency complaining of “unreasonable” cuts in public spending on maintenance of flood defences for private land.

Mr. Windsor’s assistant private secretary called the Environment Agency head to one of Windsor’s residences for a meeting and subsequently wrote to him. The letter was revealed after a freedom of information request by the Mail newspaper. However, three paragraphs were censored.

The letter from Windsor’s secretary referred to “the difficulties that some private rural landowners are facing with the withdrawal of Environment Agency support”. The writer added that “in acceptance of your kind invitation to follow-up about this, I did just want to convey some of the concerns that The Prince of Wales has heard recently”. The refined language cannot hide the attempt to intimidate a civil servant.

Republic chief executive Graham Smith told the Independent newspaper that ““Whatever the rights or wrongs of flood defence policy Charles needs to keep out of politics – that’s the deal if he wants to be King, He is directly lobbying for public money to be spent in support of major landowners when public services are stretched and facing serious cuts”.

The Environment Agency denied that Windsor’s intervention had affected its policies.

One of the monarchist claims made in defence of their feudal and divisive institution is that it gives the UK an impartial and unifying head of state who does not take sides on policy issues. This incident confirmed that in fact the Windsor clan takes sides and puts its powerful influence behind the side it backs.