Law to End Windsor Secrecy Proposed

Tom Brake, a Liberal Democrat MP, has proposed a new law that would stop the Windsor clan keeping its political activities secret.

The Public Interest and Transparency Bill was presented to parliament on 19 January 2016. If passed it will make the Windsors subject to the Freedom of Information Act in the same way as government ministers and civil servants.

A change to the law in 2010 exempted the Windsors from democratic scrutiny required by the Freedom of Information Act.

Consequently members of the feudal family can lobby and spend public money without citizens knowing what they are up to.

Tom Brake told parliament that “This bill would strengthen FOI to ensure no-one is above the scrutiny of FOI, whether it is ministers, the private sector, charities, parliament, or the royal household”.

The bill was supported by six Liberal Democrat MPs, two Labour, and one each from the Conservative, SDLP, Green and Paid Cymru parties.,