To Insult a Dog Is To Insult a King

Monarchists tell us that monarchies are more stable than other systems. Here’s what that stability looks like in the monarchy of Thailand.

Thanakorn Siripaiboon, a Thai factory worker, has been charged with insulting the monarchy, an offence known as lèse-majesté. His offence was to make remarks about a stray dog that had been rescued by the monarch.

This monarch had written a best-selling book about the well-behaved dog. According to the Financial Times the book “was widely seen as a symbol of the obedience and manners expected in Thailand’s hierarchical society”.

It seems that Mr. Thanakorn did not learn the right lessons from the monarch’s book. He did not act like an obedient subject.

He has also been charged with “liking” a social media comment that insulted the monarch.