Government Gives Windsors Millions To Live At An “Ordinary Level”

Local government workers have been offered a 1% pay increase. The Windsor family got 5.7% for 2013-14, no questions asked. That’s £1.9m more a year

They get it because they take 15% of the profits from the Crown Estate. And the Estate has been doing quite nicely, helped by a boom in the rents for offices in buildings it owns.

The increase for the Windsors has nothing to do with the cost of living or any increase in the work they do. It’s just a gift that the monarchists in government gave them from the pockets of the British people.

Despite the name, the Estate is a department of state that belongs to the people. And all of its profits belong to the people.

But those who have legislative power in this country has decided that £40m of those profits should be given to the already super-rich Windsor family.

What do they need it for? Their spending includes:

£4.2m for travel.
£434,000 for a trip to India
£16,362 for a train journey to Stoke-on-Trent
£19,587 for a train trip from Windsor to Worcester
£255,000 to fly to South Africa
£13.3m for property maintenance
£3.4m to refurbish an apartment for two family members

A Windsor representative said that this £3.4m refurbishment had been “done to a very comfortable but ordinary level”. They loot our wealth and then they insult us. That’s monarchy.

And it’s called “Her Majesty’s Government”. If you didn’t know why, now you should.