Windsors Tighten PR Operations

Family Prepares for Charles to Take Over

The Windsor clan are consolidating their public relations operations to prepare for when Charles Windsor replaces his better liked mother as Britain’s feudal head of state according to news media reports. It is widely expected that the eccentricities and more open use of privilege by the younger Windsor will make him less acceptable than his mother.

The junior Windsor has a public relations team of 10 working to protect his privileges and promote his hobby horses and other personal interests. They will be moving into Buckingham Palace to work more closely with his mother’s staff. This will be the first time in twenty years that this has happened. According to the monarchist Telegraph newspaper this will give Charles “significantly more power”.

Also according to the Telegraphy Sally Osman, who is currently communications secretary for Charles, will head the entire Windsor PR operation. She worked previously for the pro-monarchy BBC. Osman resigned during the David Kelly affair after admitting to issuing a false press release.

Elizabeth Windsor’s PR operation is lead by James Roscoe. He formerly worked for Tony Blair and Tony Brown. But he has strong BBC connections through his wife Clemency Burton-Hill. William and Henry Windsor have a third public relations team. This is headed by Ed Perkins, another former employee of the state broadcaster.

All of these public relations operations that are intended to protect feudal privilege are funded from public money that the people of Britain are denied effective control over.