BBC Journalist Who Resisted Pumping Up Windsor Birth Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim

Former BBC producer Chandana Keerthi Bandara has won an employment tribunal case for unfair dismissal against the state-sponsored media giant.

In July 2013 the BBC Sri Lanka news service journalist decided that news of the birth of a new member of the British Windsor clan should not have priority in news broadcasts. The birth clashed with the anniversary of the death of thousands in anti-Tamil violence.

But following pressure from BBC management he did in the end publish the trivial story about Britain’s monarchy.

Mr Bandara was subsequently found guilty of gross misconduct and was given a final written warning. A year later, following other allegations, he was sacked.

The employment tribunal found that despite the other allegations Mr Bandara’s initial refusal to pump-up the monarchist story was a significant factor in the sacking. It said that the final written warning at that time was too severe for an employee with a good record.

The BBC said that it was “disappointed” by the tribunal’s decision.

The actions of the supposedly unbiased Corporation are entirely consistent with its pro-monarchy stance. The broadcaster continually acts as a publicist for the Windsor clan helping it to hold onto public support.