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Free Gift to Windsors Inspires British Monarchists
Gove Denies People Will Pay

Michael Gove, who the Financial Times describes as “the strongly monarchist education secretary”, has denied that he wants hard-pressed British taxpayers to give the Windsor clan a £60m gift, in the form of a yacht. But both Gove and Prime Minister David Cameron have admitted to wishing to make the gift to the super-rich Windsors if private finance can be found. The taxpayers might still be left paying for the crew, berthing and security if this plan goes ahead.

Despite Gove’s denial he is reported in The Guardian to have described the yacht as a gift from the nation.  A letter leaked to that newspaper also indicates that he did believe that taxpayers’ money should be the main source of funding. In one letter he wrote that only “if there is not sufficient public money available” should private funding be looked for.

A Truly Inspirational Initiative
Prime Minister David Cameron.

According to The Guardian Gove has been urging other members of the Cabinet to support his plan, while other ministers have lobbied the Prime Minister for support. Prime Minister David Cameron has said that buying a boat for the Windsors would be a “truly inspirational initiative”. The newspaper also reported that two prominent members of the Windsor clan have expressed their support for the extravagant gift. Queen Windsor has made no public comment.

In an apparent attempt to disguise its true nature, supporters of the yachts for millionaires scheme are making the strange claim that it can also serve as a so-called “university of the seas”, and be used for trade and business events, and for research, while accommodating the Windsors on their trips.

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