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The Monarchy in Britain

In Disunited Kingdom Monarchists Look Abroad For Justification

An extraordinary incentive to look outward, look onwards and look our best; to feel pride in who we are and what we can achieve.
Prime Minister David Cameron on the celebration of 60 years of Windsor privilege and the Olympic Games.

Efforts to prolong the looting of public money and other feudal privileges for the Windsor family are paying off according to British government reports. But the family and its supporters are looking more and more outside the UK to seek justification for the denial of democratic rights in Britain as the long-running claim that monarchy unifies the United Kingdom looks increasingly fictitious.

The once United Kingdom is now frequently referred to as “four nations”. And it may become just three “nations” if the people of Scotland vote for independence, a once unlikely event that is now considered a real possibility. Another of the “four nations”, Northern Ireland, is so closely attached to the UK that the president of its second largest party recently ran for election to the Irish parliament.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald a series of British government reports have concluded that the 2011 Middleton/Windsor marriage and recent visits by Windsors to Australia “have killed off any chance” of that country freeing itself as long as Elizabeth Windsor is hereditary head of state for both countries.

However, the reports also suggest that future demographic change which will mean fewer Australians having family links to Britain will increase the chances of that country rejecting feudalism.

Michael Keating, who chairs the Australian Republican Movement, told the newspaper that there was still strong support for an Australian republic. He said “The Windsor family is in the process of a very well-orchestrated attempt to reinvent themselves around the world”. Mr. Keating's view received some support by the newspaper's poll showing 57% of respondents favouring an Australian republic before Elizabeth Windsor dies. In Jamaica, the new Prime Minister has announced that there will be a referendum that will allow the people of that country to free themselves from monarchy.

Any Greek man who can live off the British taxpayer for decades and then persuade The Daily Telegraph to name him as their "Briton of the Year" deserves admiration. Christopher Cook in the Financial Times

The Christmas period is always a good time for the Windsors to use the news media to promote themselves. This year a family misfortune was turned into good fortune by the Windsor-worshipping British Broadcast Corporation. The hospitalisation of Philip Windsor, a man who married his way into public office and who is notorious for “insensitivity” towards women and members of ethnic minority groups in Britain, was elevated by the Corporation to the status of the most important news on Earth. It even hired a helicopter at the expense of licence fee payers to follow him home from the hospital; But as Christopher Cook wrote in the Financial Times, “Any Greek man who can live off the British taxpayer for decades and then persuade The Daily Telegraph to name him as their “Briton of the Year” deserves admiration".

The same sort of admiration may be due to queen Windsor who had the audacity to use the struggle of the Irish people for a republic to advance her cause.  In her annual broadcast to the four nations Ms. Windsor used as background film of her visit to the Dublin Garden of Remembrance for those who gave their lives for an Ireland free of monarchy. The intention was to suggest that the demand for the right of republican government is a historical curiosity, not a continuing struggle. British Prime Minister David Cameron has described Windsor's the visit to Ireland in 2011 as a “game-changer”.

Still the changes that threaten the feudal institution in Australia are present in Britain also. The law is to be changed to end the discrimination that the British monarchy practices against females. But no reform can end the racial discrimination inherent to monarchy without ending monarchy itself. And that discrimination will become evermore apparent as the diversity of Britons' national origins and ethnicity increases.

In 2012 the people of Britain will be asked to celebrate Elizabeth Windsor's "jubilee". To celebrate another 60 years of denial of the right to republican government. Monarchists are using the supposed international interest in this spectacle to justify feudal privilege. Prime Minister Cameron has claimed that together with the Olympic Games, the jubilee will make Britain look good in the eyes of the world. In fact the event will show again that the nation’s feudal national institutions divide the nation instead of bringing it together.

The Republic group is calling for jubilee protests to challenge the lie that we all love the Windsors. That challenge will not go away.

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