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The Constitution

No Country for Democrats
Britain's Shame

In the UK 92 legislators have inherited their seats in the legislature from a relative. When one of them dies, those that remain elect the replacement from other members of the "aristocracy". These and other House of Lords legislators are immune from the public will. They are legislators until they die.

But the Parliamentary Oaths Act effectively bars other citizens from sitting in that same legislature even if elected by the people if they believe in the thoroughly democratic tenets of republicanism that are accepted as the norm from the United States of America to the Republic of India. For the Act allows them to take their seat only if they publicly recant their deeply-held beliefs by swearing a feudal oath of allegiance to the Windsor family. Not to the people. Not to a democratic constitution. Not to their country. But to a family. In Iran you cannot stand for election as president if you oppose the the system of Islamic government. In Britain you cannot sit in Parliament if you oppose monarchy unless you are willing to give up your right to free speech and allow the state to compel you to say what you do not believe.

Republicans are also barred from serving in the army, air force and judiciary for similar reasons.

Members of the Windsor family that legislators are expected to swear allegiance to are allowed to veto certain legislative proposals regardless of the wishes of the people.

To add injury to insult Elizabeth Windsor and her son given vast amounts of the people's money every year. They are allowed to loot £32m annually from the so-called "duchies": of Lancaster and Cornwall. Since 2011 their family has also been given 15% of the profits of the Crown Estate, a public real estate holding. This has given them upwards of £36m annually. The President of the United States is paid £260,000.

All of these privileges are irretrievably in the hands of the Windsors. All other citizens are forbidden to become head of state.

The Centre for Citizenship is dedicated to ending these and all other feudal privileges and to securing for the people of Britain their right to republican government.

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