Foreigners May Govern Britain

House of Lords Says Scots Should Stay

In a report published on Friday the House of Lords constitution committee said that Scottish lords should keep their seats in the British legislature if Scotland becomes independent, on condition that they pay British taxes.

This would mean an extraordinary state of affairs in which foreigners would have a vote in the British legislature. Although nobody would expect legislators-for-life to have much regard for democratic principles, this recommendation is surprising in the degree to which it demonstrates contempt for the rights of the people.

The committee that made the recommendation is chaired by Margaret Jay. She is a Labour Party member and former government minister. Ms. Jay is also the baroness of the Paddington district of London.

Angus MacNeil, a Scottish National Party (SNP) legislator responded to the committee’s by saying that the House of Lords was an “undemocratic anachronism . . . with over 800 peers of the realm who answer to no electors and are often there because of privilege or patronage”. Contrary to this attitude the SNP wishes an independent Scotland to continue to be monarchy with the British queen Windsor at its head.