Most Aussies Reject Windsor

Loyalty Is To Country
Seventy per cent of Australians prefer a pledge of allegiance to their country rather than to queen Windsor according to a poll commissioned by the Australian Republican Movement (ARM).
This follows the decision of new Prime Minister Tony Abbot, a confessed monarchist, to revert to the feudal pledge to a foreign monarch when he was sworn into office. The three former PMs had pledged their allegiance to their country, to its people, to democracy, and to civil rights and liberties.
The ARM has taken heart from the poll. “The Australian people are ahead of current political leaders on this issue and this poll shows Australians are ready to pledge allegiance to an Australian republic”, said said Geoff Gallop who chairs the ARM. Support for the feudal institution in Australia is only 32% according to ARM.
19.5 per cent of those polled favour allegiance to Windsor. 10.5 per cent were unsure. The margin of error is 3.1 per cent.