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A Prince But Not a Star
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The File on Charlie Windsor

A Prince But Not A Star

Charlie is very much a product of his strange family and the strange system that sustains it. No doubt that is a section of south eastern upper class British society that recognises him as one of its own or at least as having some semblance of themselves. But his appearance, demeanour, style of speech and way of life are alien to the age and to the majority of British people.

This is particularly unfortunate for monarchists. Because now the future of an institution that likes to boast of a 1000 year history, seems to depend on a cheap and ephemeral Hollywood-style glamour, which it sometimes has to outsource.

For long the Windsors shored up their reputations by sponsoring charities while stuffing their own pockets with the people's money. Now monarchists and their lovers in the news media revel in the perceived Hollywood celebrity images of the younger Windsors. In Britain, New Zealand and Australia this has been seen as bringing renewed hope to the feudal institution.

For this reason many wish that the family could skip over Charlie and allow Windsors with more glamour to take the jackpot.

He is a shameless, perhaps boastful adulterer. He cheated on his first wife and unaccountably broadcast the fact. His appalling grandmother disliked "Huns, wops and dagos". His father reckons Chinese have "slitty eyes", but they are better than Papua New Guineans — they might eat you.

Already he has changed the course of some legislation — for example, an idiotic idea that has the British taxpayer funding witchdoctors and their homeopathy — and his meddlesome manner is infamous.

Even if he weren’t bonkers, that would be a problem.

Alan Howe, Herald Sun, Australia

Read more about the Windsor show business in "There's no business like show business - but don't forget the clown".

Charlie in TV try-out

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